Mission Statement

Food as Medicine is a Johns Hopkins student group dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the students at two Baltimore City Public Schools. The program partners with Elementary/Middle schools to provide: (1) interactive health and nutrition workshops for students, (2) a health focused after-school program, and (3) school-wide health events. The weekly workshops address the Maryland Common Core Curriculum Standards for nutrition. The Food as Medicine program aims to promote healthy behavior changes by not only empowering students to think critically about leading healthy lives, but to also act on the lessons learned throughout the program. Together, the Food as Medicine participants and volunteers strive to promote a culture of health and wellness at the Elementary/Middle Schools.

Photo Apr 19, 1 17 02 PM


In the 2014-2015 school year the Food as Medicine Program will be offered at TWO Schools in Baltimore City: Waverly Elementary/Middle and Barclay Elementary/Middle!

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