Waverly’s Superheroes and Superheroines of Health

The Food as Medicine Program worked with Waverly School to host its second annual school-wide health fair! The superhero-themed health fair served as the culminating project for the 6th grade students that participated in our workshops and afterschool club. Those students helped to educate their peers about topics like MyPlate, dental care, heart health, physical activity, and more by helping to manage the booths and activities.  For example, students learned about MyPlate by making a meal using the MyPlate guidelines, and how to properly brush their teeth by making model mouths of out play dough and lima beans. Students also learned about superfoods through a myth busters game and through trying samples of kale, strawberries, and blueberries. Overall, the Waverly students learned about different health and nutrition topics and had a lot of fun as well! DSC04316

Students learning about the amount of sugar in common beverages at the rethink your drink station.

DSC04309The MyPlate stationIMG_2435

Students learning how to properly wash their hands using glitter to represent germs.

DSC04308The Superfoods Station

DSC04320DSC04318Waverly student volunteers at the Physical Activity & Heart Health and Sign-Out Stations

10155119_504581512981190_3151292085559995695_nThanks to everyone that participated in the health fair and to all of our volunteers for helping to make the health fair a success!

A Happy and Healthier Thanksgiving!

maple-leaf-borderThe Food as Medicine group worked  with the Healthy Community Initiative to plan a Family Fun Night at Waverly School. Our theme was making Thanksgiving both fun and healthy. We made fruit turkeys with the kids, danced our way to fitness with Zumba, learned how to make a healthier version of fried rice with Chef Crisp, learned healthy Thanksgiving food swaps, and more! DSC04101

The children worked diligently on their fruit turkeys.

DSC04114 Fruit TurkeyThe final product! 


fried riceChef Crisp demonstrated how to make Harvest Vegetable Fried Rice. 

sweet potato bisqueChef Crisp also brought some yummy Sweet Potato Bisque to try!

Healthy Thanksgiving_ChecklistFamilies learned that they can make some of their favorite Thanksgiving recipes healthier using these easy ingredient swaps.

Tree of Thanks Families learned that giving thanks can help both your mental and physical health.

DSC04111Thanksgiving Dinner the MyPlate Way: Families learned that they can enjoy turkey and rolls on Thanksgiving, but they should fill at least half of their plate with fruits and vegetables.


Thanks to everyone that came to our family night. We wish you a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving!